Discography Offical Bootlegs In Production

Below is a list of Toby Dammit's works currently in production.

LATEST UPDATE - April 22nd, 2019

Title Artists Production Label / Studio Production Location(s) Producer(s)
Leaving Meaning SWANS Candybomber Studio Berlin, Deutschland Michael Gira
All The Queen's Horses Shakespears Sister Sunset Sound Studios Los Angeles, California Nick Launay
The Auteur David J
Rose McGowan
Electric Avenue Hamburg, Deutschland Paul Wallfisch
Untitled Cora Himmelsbach Baker Moon Studio Berlin, Deutschland Paul Wallfisch
Untitled Dave Sardy Hillside Manor Studios Los Angeles, California Dave Sardy
ELEKTRA Aegist Schauspielhaus Theater Dortmund Dortmund, Deutschland Ingo Krauss
Clem Snide
(The Private Asshole)
William Burroughs Big Snuff Studio Berlin, Deutschland King Khan
Sexploration King Khan Moon Studio Berlin, Deutschland King Khan
Sleepwalking Man Sivert H°yem Oslo Klang Studio Oslo, Norway Christer Knutsen
Untitled Eirin Kinn Malabar Studio Oslo, Norway ┼dne Meisfjord
Untitled Nikko Weidemann Basement Berlin Studio Berlin, Deutschland Nikko Weidemann
Untitled White House Potential H÷rspiel 2 Berlin, Deutschland Marie Dahl
& Flemming Borby
Untitled Kjartan Kristiansen Oslo Klang Studio Oslo, Norway Toby Dammit
untitled MSTRKRFT Hillside Manor Los Angeles, California Dave Sardy
Unfuckwithable Mojave Lords Ranch De La Luna Studios
Last Hurah Records
Joshua Tree, California Mojave Lords
untitled Alex Maas Hillside Manor Los Angeles, California Dave Sardy
Is It Fire
Single Remix
Jessie Evans & The Extra Action Marching Band Ear Hammer Studio Oakland, California Simon Cheffins
Untitled Meret Becker
Bob Rutman
Tom Zunk
Himmel Studio Berlin, Deutschland Meret Becker
Black Cat Luther & Toby Hit Thing Records
Los Angeles, California Luther & Toby
w/ Mark Howard
Untitled Das Verkannte Modul Himmel Studio Berlin, Deutschland Toby Dammit &
Das Verkannte Modul w/ Thomas Stern
Super Flea Latin Lovers Saal 4 / Saal 2 Studios Berlin, Deutschland Yoyo Röhm
Have a Percussive Christmas with... Larry & Larry Plastickville New York City Larry & Larry


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